When contacting me for the first time, please be sure to either fill out the booking form on my contact page, or include your basic information along with a brief introduction when emailing.

Please have the donation prepared before we meet. Place in a clearly visible location as soon as you come in, or hand to me inside of a greeting card or gift bag if we are meeting in public.

A small (10 - 20%) deposit will be required to book a date. This deposit acts both to ensure my time is respected, and also to build my trust in you. I offer several discreet options for this!

Please give ample notice if needing to alter our plans in any way. 

Any cancellation with less than 48 hours notice forfeits the deposit. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will incur a $100 late cancellation fee that must be paid before booking again, with the exception of very special circumstances. If you miss our appointment without any communication, the full date fee will be expected. 

In the unlikely event that I must cancel our date, you will be able to choose if you'd like your deposit returned in full or applied to a future date.

Reading, understanding, and following these simple guidelines shows me that you're the kind of man that I would love to spend time with and shower with my affection. Good communication is a huge turn on.