Q: What's included in your posted rates?

A: A safe and sexy girlfriend experience! For what's included in my PSE add-on, please inquire. Other kinky requests will also be considered, just ask! 

Q: Should I bring anything with me?

A: Unless you'd like to bring me some flowers or a gift, I have my incall set up with your comfort in mind and have everything that we may need! For gift ideas, see my gifting page. 

Q: Are you available outside of Canada?

A: Not only am I always passport ready, but I keep my suitcases on standby, too! I love to travel and see new places, please show me your favourite ones!

Q: Why don't you book "burner" app numbers?

A: For my safety! With a purchased app number you can easily change, there is no way to be certain that you can be relied on, or that you aren't attempting to hide from some past unfavourable consequences.

We don't have to converse on your actual phone number if you need to hide our exchanges from prying eyes, but I will still need to know it.